How to Make Wooden Karambit from CS GO - CNC Plywood Prop

download template & cut plywood using x-carve CNC. i was planning to leave it in wood color with shellac finish, but then i changed my mind & painted it more like a CS Go case hardened karambit.

- 3mm Plywood (i bought 3mm plywood, but it its actual thickness around 4.7mm)

Patreon News: i am Back

i recently quit my office job, i will give myself sometimes to focus on Youtube & Patreon, i hope someday i no longer need to worry about funding, wish me luck :)

Wolverine Logan Claws Made of Plywood

made my first wolverine claws in 2014 using paperboard this video is 2nd version of my wolverine claws, using soft thin plywood, maybe you can say this is an upgrade, have fun! :)

- 3mm Plywood (i bought 3mm plywood, but it its actual thickness around 4.7mm)

Make: Mortal Kombat Scorpion Mask - Cereal Box

This mask was reverse engineering from my 3d printed Scorpion mask.
Making a half face mask using cereal box cardboard :)
if you also interested in making Sub-Zero Mask click here

- Cereal Box
- PVA glue
- Masking tape
- Surgical tape
- Primer, yellow, gold spray paint
- Black, red acrylic paint
- Silver pen or marker

Make: League of Shadows Inspired Batman Bracer Props

This Bracer was inspired by looking at Samurai/Ninja/League of Shadows, it was made with heavy duty rubber because I'll use it during paintball/war game. :)

- heavy duty rubber mats (you can use foam mat if you only need it for cosplaying)
- rubber cement
- black shoelace
- skinny belt or watch strap
- silver or metallic spray paint
- anti-slip mat