How to make Zoom Mask DIY from CW The Flash (free PDF template)

How to make TV show CW The Flash character Zoom mask DIY? this 3D pep file was made by 'gankutsu-o-taku', I turned it into simpler PDF file. Just download the template, paste it on to cardboard or foam, then you can make mask at home.

you can find supplies in "Items" page
- Cardboard
- Scissors
- Masking tape
- Hot glue gun
- Kitchen Aluminum Foil
- Spray Adhesive aka 3M spray mount
- Paper Towel
- PVA White glue
- Calligraphy India Ink
- Clear Spray

How to Make X-MEN Cyclops Visor DIY (free PDF) - Updated Part 4

How to make XMEN Cyclops Visor at home? - part1 download pdf from my blog, paste it on cereal box, cut it out & glue them :)